Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rags A GoGo 3d

The image above is a Photoshop mock up that's incorporating the 3d logo, rondels and tiles. The mural with the stars and earth already exist as five painted panels that install in about two minutes. They are removed in about half that amount of time and are then stored in between the entrance and the rolling gate. This design feature and daily ritual exist in order to protect the mural from graffiti during the hours in which the store is closed. The tiled border at the bottom of the mural will simply be painted in the same manner as the rest of the mural. The banner across the front of the awning will be printed on vinyl and attached with double stick foam backed tape that is expressly designed for that purpose. The awning which is currently yellow will be painted with vinyl paints. The panels will alternate between red and blue.
Inside, the front of the store will feature 22" vinyl borders running just below the ceiling. The rear, lower portion of the stores plan, AKA "Chick Pit" will feature a 46"enlargement of the same border design. Visible walls will be painted a lovely sky blue. The floor tiles will be primed and painted with commercial floor enamels in a random pattern of primary and secondary colors.

All of the components for the border design were modeled in Zbrush with Alpha extrusions, radial symmetry tools and polypaint. The models were then rendered and brought into Photoshop for assembly, adjustment and print preparation.

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