Monday, September 30, 2013

Octopus Monster Game Asset

This is the third asset for the game project. My client asked me for an Octopus monster to chase the Skycycle through the strange and twisted landscape. It had to be an Octopus but, it had to be fierce in a more than simply Octopus sort of way. There's quite an assortment of bits in this beast. A bit of dragon and dinosaur, a bit of croc and bug, claws like grappling hooks and a nightmarish mouth that you wouldn't want to kiss. I wanted the creature to be an iridescent green akin to a scarab but not as dark. I also had to maintain it's fleshiness so that it can breath and jet around once fully animated. It's easy to dream on creature amalgamation. A creature of this kind could see so many different variations.

In the video below we get to see the creature fly around the environment, which follows it's every move. The environment is actually a 2d still of the set tile wrapped around the inside of a sphere. Within that process, there are all kinds of shape surprises,

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