Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Prince of Saint Marks Place

So many thanks to all of my beautiful friends not only for their congratulations but, more for them being major components in making my life richer than I could have ever imagined.
The talent that graces my home with grooves that elevate the soul has transformed me on most every level. My home has evolved in so many ways to accommodate the gift of that grace.
The gifts often come in equal measure from those who don’t play but, so openly express joy from the energy found within this space on those magic evenings. In that, we are all equally part of this wondrous scene.
Every one who has participated, every song, every dance, every beautiful smile and, lovely expression has played a huge part in making my home worthy of Penelope Green’s superlative article.A million thanks to all of you. More thanks to Ken than I can count for introducing me to an art form that I somehow, at the time, didn’t think I had genetic predisposition for. The same countless thanks to Joshuasuzanne for being so close to me and introducing me to Penelope and, of course, a bottomless thank you to Penelope for introducing our very special environment to so many readers around the world. To read the full New York Times article please click HERE

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