Monday, February 25, 2013

Parabolic Facade

Twisting geometry always seems to toss the spectator through a loop. That's why it's so much fun but, it's also a reason to flog ones noggin whilst figuring out the next bend. What wasoriginally proposed as a flat with forced perspective ended up becoming an issue of bisecting, decreased radii. Sound tricky? It is. To further add challenge, This project was done without drawings. A crude but, elegant 1/12 scale model served as the only guide. This object was essentially done on the fly and with a crazy, tight dead line to boot. It bends both longitudinallyand vertically in order to achieve it's parabolic concavity. The upper arches were cut out toaccommodate pneumatically actuated puppets and, as if this wasn't complicated enough, the entire fabrication was designed to mount flushly, via birds mouth, to a convex parabolic shape. The finished construct was both formal and funky and weighed in at under 30 lbs. For more on this project please click HERE

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