Thursday, February 21, 2013

Poster Chair

These hand carved prototypes were created to explore the manufacturing costs of producing a fairly large volume art chair design. Poster chair was born from the challenge of how to completely change the look of a piece of furniture so that it matches any given decor in as little time as possible. The design utilizes reversible vinyl graphics that easily slide into an integrated track. I felt that as long as the poster area was kept to a universal size, the chair could be any shape beyond the seating plane. The subject matter possibilities from a graphic stand point are pretty much limitless. The chair may easily accommodate fabrics, wall coverings and carpet remnants. In order to keep costs down, These prototypes were created as child size versions or, approximately 1/4 the mass and material required for the adult version. The finished chair would be produced in roto-cast polyethylene, an extremely tough, color fast, light weight resin used largely in farm equipment and children's play sets.

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