Thursday, February 21, 2013

Not the Chrysler Building 3d model and SLS out put

This 3d model and rapid prototype were produced for a display. The finished output stands 34" tall. The photo above is the SLS out put. Every window is opened so that light may pass through them. The client wanted a building that would emulated or be equated with the Chrysler Building without it actually being the Chrysler building, as the Chrysler Building is trade marked. The client was most emphatic in their ordering that there should be no gargoyles for the above stated reason.
As I built the model I thought, how far does one have to modify a building till it's not technically that building any more. The Chrysler building doesn't have trade marks on all buildings with gargoyles. I would imagine that as long as the gargoyles were motifed in a way other than winged wheels or eagle heads I'd be on safe ground but, I made no argument in that regard, the rest of the model presented challenges enough.

In these following illustrations I've changed the building till it bends over backwards to scratch an itch while it screws and twists like a length of liquorish. There is no fear of trade mark infringement here. As I began building these acute deformations I dreamt a whole city. Placing the re-imagined buildings together seems to create a conversation. In studying the composition, I found myself thinking about old, moody religious paintings in which Christ is central, surrounded by the  different attitudes and expressions of every other character sharing the canvas with him. In answering the question, how far can one modify a building, it's fair to say that a building, in this application can be twisted till it's most vertical planes are pushed to such extreme, horizontal lengths that the building can surround it's self with great spiralling concentric rings composed solely from it's lower floors.

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