Thursday, August 27, 2015

Life Size Wire Frame Human Skull 3d print

The Wire Frame was created by taking taking CAT scan data that had been converted into an STL file and then converting the STL into an editable ZTL. The ZTL was then copied 3 times. Each copy was sliced along a grid. one representing X, one representing Y, one representing Z. Each slice creates a new polygroup and establishes a line of resolution. In this model, there are approximately 40 lines of resolution on each axis.

Each polygroup is then stroked with tube sections and merged into a ring. The resulting x,y and z ring sets were merged together resulting in a wire frame. Initially I tried to get away with this by only creating x and y but, the result wasn't as immediately recognizable as I had hoped for. I introduced z and the Skull snapped into focus.

The following 2 images are renderings of the interior of the model. Removed from it's outer context, the wire frame seems like an alien construct.

And now, for the actual Shapeways SLS sintered nylon rapid prototype...

The images below were taken by my holding the prototype between my legs and placing the lens of my Iphone over one of the many openings in the skull.

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