Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bride of Frankenstein

I had originally set out to do a model of Nefertiti. As soon as I started my image search,  I came upon images of the Monster's Bride. Perhaps its because so much of Egyptian art work is funerary and exalts life after death. I found myself set on a new path. While both women represent a most certain standard of beauty, Nefertiti is near crystalline in her elegance and purpose whereas the Monster's bride apes some of Nef's cool, especially in her quaf, which contains the same basic mass as the Queens ancient crown but, she's all together something else. She's actually quite the high piece of lurid Deco, pouting and succulent, lean and long, eyes wide open vexed yet amazed, designed and built to sate the hunger of an abomination.

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