Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Oscar Cube X 3d Print

I've recently purchased a Cube X 3d printer. The machine itself is a thing of beauty and appears to be many times more substantially constructed than the MakerBot but, So far I'm not in love. The folks at Cubify tell me not to worry. I'm going to cross my fingers and see what happens because, while this 9" prototype is fun, its nowhere near good enough to sell and is nowhere near as refined as the fairly simple model that it was created from. If this model came out as cleanly as one of the high resolution  Cubify sample prints, I would be delighted but, as it stands now, I am not. The resolution of this supposedly high resolution model is more crude than a MakerBot medium resolution print. This model took 14 hrs. and 37 minutes. That seems like a fair amount of time for a high resolution print that is 9" tall but, its dreadfully slow for a model of this poor quality.

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