Monday, September 23, 2013

Game Environment Set Tile

The difference between microcosms and macrocosms is contextual. The difference between miniatures and monuments follow the same suit. Visually its a matter of placing the viewer on a sliding scale that can either put them inside of the scene with its elements towering above them a la' Honey I Shrunk the kids or, outside and above wherein the scene is simply a strange and tiny tile littered with an eruption of fantastic fungi.

Each element within the tile is a separate set piece that can be individually edited, textured, distorted, scaled or, rearranged. In order to create a continuous loop for the Skycyles to fly through, the tile is copied and rotated to present a different entrance aspect of the scene than the first tile. The rotated duplicate tile is then placed after the first tile to effectively double the length of the set. Since the Set Tile has 4 elevation sides, this process can be repeated 4 times before an image or point of view is repeated.

As these scenes represent an early stage of development, not much has been done with texturing yet and in truth I'll be sorry to obscure some of the beautiful, stretched polygon patterns but, it'll be all the more mind blowing textured as striated desert stone.

Many more Set Tiles have been discussed, mecha tiles, ruins tiles, tunnel tiles and the like. In the end, a mosaic of interchangeable set and scene transitions will be created.

In the animation the shapes get pretty crazy as they go sweeping past on the turntable. I can't wait to see tiny Skycycles flying through it from different points of perspective.

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