Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rags A GoGo Re-Think

Rags A GoGo is a fantastic vintage clothing store at Joshua Suzanne, the stores owner has decided to celebrate her recent lease renewal with a store make over. The store's interior will soon be as colorful as the owner and much of her stock. The hoped for effect is fashion fun house, somewhere between Sargent Pepper and Saturday Day Night Fever via The Yellow Submarine.
218 west 14th street, NYC.

The stores entire perimeter is occupied with clothing racks, meaning that there really isn't much in the way of exposed walls with the exception of small areas above the racks. In the front portion of the store, that area constitutes a 2' boarder, in the back of the store, which steps down 2' the boarder expands to 4'. There is however a lovely 10' x 15' wall over the stairs in the "Chick Pit".

In the past, I had talked to Josh about murals but the prospect of  painting such things is messy and time consuming especially amidst so much stock. I had theorized that the mural could be painted on panels much like the facade and simply hung in position but, it would still be a huge amount of work. Fortunately we live in a day and age of some remarkable technologies. Eazy Wallz is a company that specializes in self adhesive mural systems. They will
print almost any design, any size and allow you to hang it quickly without the muss and fuss of wall paper glue. the design possibilities are petty much without limits.

Josh loves the psychedelic kaleidoscope and the royal blue with yellow and orange piping and she digs the striped shelf surfaces but, is still undecided on the striped floor. The issues of showing dirt and durability are understandably her main concern there. While I was researching modern vinyl flooring I came upon lots of stripes mostly done with 5 mill pavement tape. Having worked with pavement tape in the past, I know that it's remarkably durable but, I do have my questions about how it will hold up to years of customer traffic. The floors most likely treatment will probably happen with paint. In the next renderings I'll replace the striped floor with a randomly colored checker board pattern which I think will nicely off set the kaleidoscope and pin stripes.

I thought that mannequins in the Chick Pit might be a fun touch and they were easy to find in the Sketchup 3d warehouse(as were the clothing racks stocked with boxy shirts) but, as I put this model together from floor measurement, I failed to remember that the rack beneath the mannequins is reserved for dresses, meaning that it is half again as tall as the other clothing racks in the store. This forgotten detail would place the heads of the manikins well into the ceiling, an interesting but, undesired effect.
Rather than getting bummed out by my oversight, I went on line to look for manikins in seated poses. I was rewarded with immediate success. There are some very groovy, sexy manikins out there for not a lot of bread.

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