Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sofa/Work Bench/Storage

Finding a sofa that is not only just the right size but, one that does all that it has to above and beyond merely being comfortable, is easier said than done.

I needed a sofa that could seat 4 at the same height as the rest of my chairs (a guitar thing) and sleep 2 when the need arises. I had a tick over 6' to work with, meaning a sofa with arms was out of the question. I also was and always am in need of storage. Further, I didn't want the black shadowy dust trap that is comonly the big gap between the sofa and the floor. Lastly, sofa's tend to project further into the room than this room could afford. Every square inch of floor space is at an absolute premium. That meant that the back cushion would have to move as close to the wall as possible. In that I realized that if hinged, the sofa's back could serve as a work table. A mirror would solve my black gap issues, visually extending,the carpet beneath the sofa and in so doing, camoflage 12 cubic feet of storage.

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