Tuesday, March 12, 2013

MakerBot and Me

I've recently purchased MakerBot's Replicator 2. I've followed MakerBot's progress for a number of years. I was always fascinated by it but, never overly impressed by the crudeness of it's output's striations. As soon as I learned that the resolution has increased many fold, I bought one. "Pull it out of the box and watch the magic happen" has not quite been my experience so far but, I am beginning to figure it out and my prints are getting better. June will mark 2 years of  my sculpting inside of the computer. As a result I have a lot of models that have only seen the virtual light of day, It's my hope by this purchase that I will soon be printing models daily. For large and or more detailed models and sculpture, I will still need the services of my extraordinary vendor, his monster Zprinter and his 7 axis carving robot but, for smaller, faster proof of concept models this desktop 3d printer should prove very useful.

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