Saturday, March 30, 2013

Crif Dogs

Back when my buddy Eric was in the hospital facing what would be his last days, I had a need to dress up his room with a pin up girl indicative of our neighborhood. Crif Dogs is one of the quirkiest, subversive, hot dog joint/secret absinthe bars in the world (as if there are others by which to compare). Crif dog's girl with dog mascot was perfect for this. I took their flat art and did my best to give her life in Photoshop. As I got into the girl I became obsessed by the theme of their menu and ended up redesigning the whole thing. It's funny how that goes sometimes. As I look at this artwork for the first time in a while and, I consider that their dogs are both beef and pork. If I were to re-do the center panel on the price side of the menu, I'd seat her side saddle on a pig/cow hybrid. A CatDog sort of thing. Would that be so bizarre that it could kill an appetite or, so amusing that you'd be compelled to explore? My niece Jessica commented that the Ed McMahon panel made her think that hot dogs plus beer equal good teeth.

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