Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Charles Darwin Makerbot Print

If everyone has their own personal Pantheon, a place in which their heroes reside, Charles Darwin is among the giants in mine. For a species obsessed by having an unending hunger for evidential explanations, he sated all of man kind and allowed Science and biology to move forward in ways it never had in the past. For the first time since life began it's founding primordial writhing, he opened the door to the Genome and, in so doing, charted a course for filling in the blanks of a billion years of ignorance. It was a privilege to sculpt him.

I'm particularly pleased with this shot. This bust is only 6" tall yet it manages to maintain it's classical air as if it were fully life sized. Charles was printed on my MakerBot Replicator 2 at a high resolution setting and took 7.5 hrs. If you squint a little, so as to obscure the striations, it becomes easy to see this as  marble, not bad for what is really a hot melted extrusion of corn starch based biodegradable plastic printed on my desk top.

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