Thursday, February 21, 2013

Where The Wild Things Are, a signed first edition

A tale of a wonderful art odyssey with one of the most influential artists all time and, how this rare and valuable artifact came to be. For more, click HERE

This last video brought tears to my eyes not because he’s gone but, because it brought me back to him and the experience of having worked with him and our funny phone calls after I had left Macy’s.
To have worked in the presence of his mighty working spirit is something that changed me as an artist forever. I’ve had the opportunity to have worked with many brilliant and historically significant artists through out my career some, perhaps genius.

Maurice was on a different level all together. He possessed a brutal clarity between his  aesthetic sensibilities and his core convictions but, through that brutality stood an exquisite balance of refinement and naked honesty. He was his work, more so than any artist I would ever meet.
Maurice was a beauty, a magnificent creature, the likes of which humanity has known but a handful of times.

He left me with an experience that I will hold among my highest till it’s my turn for time to take me.

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