Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ron English Portrait for FLUSH magazine

During one of Ron English's SoHo pop up shows, we had spoken about the prospect of creating a sculptural version of his XRay Guernica. I was very inspired by the notion and created a study of what the paintings subject matter would look like freed from it's background. A human figure always helps to establish a sense of scale. Ron was the only choice but, there is little full figure reference of him on line so, the Ron you see here is actually cobbled together from 4 different photos. The illustration was actually the result of have done the animation study. Long story short, Flush magazine was doing an article on Ron and Ron suggested the use of the illustration. Thank you Ron and thank you Flush.

For the Flush article on Ron please click HERE.

Conceptualization of the illustration in the Warhol Museum of Souel Korea.

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