Thursday, February 21, 2013

Party at the Plaza

VanWyck is an amazing event and party planning company. The parties, events and weddings that they are most known for are lavish and exquisite beyond most imaginations.
They came to me in need of a dozen classical statues but, they needed them within a month for the event. Sculpting a project of this scope would take a bit more time than that.
In fact, even if digitally modeled and out put through a carving robot, it could take the better part of 6 months and the costs would be prohibitively expensive for this kind of application.
Fortunately, being a sculptor for so many years, I have my sources. All of the statues in these photos are very sturdy Fiberglass reproductions. While they are not quite museum quality in all of their surfaces and details, they are all still very good and served splendidly for this event in one of the most opulent rooms in New York City.

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