Thursday, February 21, 2013

Greenwood Legal

Designing this site for Ken was an interesting challenge. We sat down and looked at a variety of different legal websites in order to get a sense of what the industry standard and layouts seem to be. We found a number of nice looking sites, simple, direct and to their points but, all a bit on the bland, washed out side. Anyone who knows Ken knows, Ken's not bland or washed out. Ken is colorful. His business base has rapidly expanded to encompass most of our nations major city's so, as you click from page to page, the backgrounds change from city to city and, from sunset to sunrise. This allowed me to make use of some of natures most saturated pallets without being overly garish. When I think of established law firms, dark woods, rich leathers and fancy brass plaques spring to my mind but, at their best, there is always a sleek, succinct simplicity. I believe that those assets contrast very nicely with the deep hues of the background city scapes.

Ken is also a world traveler and is promoting his next Inca adventure. If there are any hard core, jungle trekkers out there, visit Greenwood Legal and click on the bottom left link. Please click HERE

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