Thursday, February 21, 2013

Benjamin Franklin

When I was with Studio EIS I had the opportunity to work on an incredible amount of figures from life casts. Benjamin started as a life cast of one of the scholars associated with the project, in fact, if I'm not mistaking, he was a Benjamin Franklin re-enactor as well. The head was cast from a portrait sculpt by the incomparable Stuart Williamson. The body was cast in air craft epoxy, remarkable stuff. The resin is so strong that only half the normal thickness of glass fiber was necessary, thus allowing very thin wall thicknesses. The panel opening in the chest exists to facilitate the bolting in of the heads and arms.
The body from the chest down is supported by a full steel armature. His tummy is a trick bit of work. It is cast in sponge foam via a mold within the mold, in order to give a bit of natural tug and pull to the buttons on his vest. For photos of the finished piece please click on these links: 1 2 3

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