Thursday, February 21, 2013

A kiss on the hand...

This is a manikin that I had built for Marilyn Monroe's very famous, "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" dress. It's a seemingly simple project that fought me every step of the way. It started with a life casting from a very lovely figure that was unfortunately incorrect in almost every dimension but, that was hardly the most vexing issue.

The real problem arose from the humidity that day and in fact, month. There seemed to be more water in the air than air it's self. As a result the plaster bandage mold pretty much disintegrated while being transported back to the studio. I did what I could to repair it but, it was disastrously damaged. After a weeks drying time, I cast a figure from it that was fairly terrible and served as little more than a bit of meat on the armature. Everything would have to be completely re-sculpted.
Once the dress fit, the figure was re-molded and cast in "Shell Shock", a super strong urethane resin. Despite all of the above mentioned calamity, the pose was preserved and the piece is quite lovely.

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